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About AIBA

The role of legal fraternity in strengthening the democratic polity and the principle of rule of law is a universal feature. The legal community represents the most important and traditionally respected section of the society. The profession has undoubtedly performed its duties in the larger interest of its people.

The All India Bar Association is committed to a more integrated lawyer community. The Association has been established with a view to facilitate greater interaction and understanding amongst legal fraternity of India. It also aspires to strengthen the relationship between the Bar and the Bench, in turn building an environment conducive to effective administration of justice and maintenance of rule of law.

The Association aims at upholding the Constitution of India and the representative, free and democratic form of the Government. It promotes the science of Jurisprudence and encourages research in legal and allied fields. The Association also regularly makes recommendations for improvement of standards of legal education throughout the country. It conducts seminars, symposia, conferences on critical issues of contemporary interest to impart knowledge to the public at large. The Association upholds the honour, dignity and independence of the Bar and the Bench. For attaining these objectives, the Association works in close coordination with non-governmental organizations, government and statutory bodies and international organizations.

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